We have superior technology for the manufacture and personalization of microprocessor cards and proximity cards

  • Bank Cards

  • Smart Cards

  • Prepaid Cards

  • Tear-Off Cards

  • Dies
  • Gift Voucher and Loyalty Cards

  • Hotel Key Cards

  • Cards for State Entities

  • Customization, Readiness & Packaging Service


We are able to offer a wide variety of designs involving printing, sealing, die-cutting, opening and closing systems, labeling, packaging integrity and product safety, to extend their shelf life at the point of sale.

  • Flow Pack

  • Tags

  • Shrink Sleeves

  • Pouches
    • Sachets

    • I give pack

    • Vipack Boxes


Garantizamos productos con los más altos estándares de calidad

Tarjetas financieras

Toppan Hogier S.A.S., participa significamente en el mercadeo de tarjetas, está integrada verticalmente en todos los procesos de producción con una alta tecnología, garantizando un adecuado manejo de las imágenes…

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